Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stop-NCDs is here

To fulfill the objectives of the Political Declaration of  September 2011 High Level Meeting of the UN General Assembly for prevention and control of  NCDs, here is an initiative to network all those concerned, and share information on different aspects of NCDs. The objective is creating a forum for discussion and  debating in the larger global framework.

It is past 11.58 PM, Indian time, Tuesday, the 11th October. It is a history of sorts. Let us come and join and share information, discuss and debate on NCDs: how to prevent them, control their incidence/morbidity/  and ultimately reduce mortality and their economic burdeon. Poor societies and the developing world is going to have double burden of diseases, and shall face the greater effect  of NCDs on their economies in the future to come.

Soon we will have a very broad coverage of topics in this blog. I invite the global community to engage in the discussion and take an active part, and evaluate and comment on the blogs contents.

Through this blog I send my deepest condolences to Steve Jobs' friends and family, and can only wish such bright talents do not die prematurely in the future, given global efforts to prevent and control NCDs including cancer.

While I wrote this note originally at 11.58 PM on 11th October, 2011, I had to edit it couple of times later to make it better in syntax.

Zaka Imam, Ph.D

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