Friday, October 14, 2011

Ageing-related organizations issued joint statement on NCDs

The September 2011 UN High Level meeting outcome in the form of draft Political Statement is now with the heads of states to formulate policy and practice to control NCDs.
NCDs constitute a major concern due to their possible impact on health of nations in particular developing world due to the dual burden of old and new diseases in the near future.
However there is an issue of age that should not be missed while taking action for control of NCDs. About 35 million deaths occur globally due to NCDs in people aged 60 and above. And a majority of these are from low-middle income countries. Increase in population of older people is predicted to increase from 473 million in 2009 to 1-6 billion in 2050.
It is for this reason that eleven age-related organizations, namely, Helpage International, IAGG, AARP, IFA, IAHSA, Age UK, INPEA, Global Coalition on Ageing, wpca, Alzheimer Disease International, ILC, in a joint statement have called for certain measures to be taken by all States.
The joint statement points to ageing as key driver of NCDs, and therefore calls for that measures for NCDs prevention and control should cover older and younger populations; recognition of mental and neurological diseases, including Alzheimer, as part of overall NCDs burden and included in the program measures; scaling up of palliative care and support, besides prevention and control measures.
Zaka Imam

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