Monday, December 12, 2011

Why should there be ‘e-Cigs’?

In my mail box I had an advertisement promoting ‘e-Cigs’. What baffled me was not this new version of cigarette, but the very purpose of developing it when the whole world is concerned with the harmful effects of smoking.
This particular innovation I believe is the outcome of misplaced need to make fast buck. Smoking has two major components one behavioural giving rise to  addiction to smoking per se and the other, addiction to nicotine.
My first reaction is condoning this innovation, fearing this will attract new smokers and addicting them. I shrug out of fear of any activity that promotes smoking in one way or the other, for the dangerous relationship tobacco has with the occurrence of non-communicable diseases.
The advertisement promotes advantages of the product such as it does not need a flame to lit it, and that it does not release smoke, tar, carbon monoxide. It allows smoking in public places like airport, hotels.
The gadget includes interesting components like a stainless steel atomizer, lithium rechargeable battery, nicotine cartridges, plastic carrier cases, among others components.
It seems the product has no approval from FDA. At a time when NCDs are our major concern, the introduction of this gadget and its promotion through internet needs control. Even if smoke related hazards are lesser, or nil!  

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