Saturday, October 29, 2011

Launching of '' Stop-NCDs Newsletter''

It is planned to publish a fortnightly newsletter 'Stop-NCDs' Newsletter commencing 1st January, 2012. The driving spirit of the newsletter is social cause to fight the NCDs.The newsletter will cover a mix of all possible developments in areas of NCDs prevention, control, advocacy, new researches, new treatments/interventions, etc in the form of news, case studies, success stories, profiles of prominent personalities, etc.The contents will be in popular form, and technical contents will be duly explained. 

So let us do it, and allow me to invite a galaxy of social scientists, medical experts and policy makers, to be part of an Editorial Committee. The committee will advise and guide us through the publication of newsletter for quality of contents, timelines, ethical issues. The newsletter will be available in public domain, as well as mailed to individuals free of cost. The newsletter will be published by a small business center at 'no-cost-no-profit' basis.

Write your suggestions at the earliest, latest  by 10th November, 2011. Please note it is a drive to spread awareness of the prevention and control against NCDs.

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